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Modèle 616

Fantôme de test de volume pour scanner de vessie


The phantoms contain an echo free object simulating (more or less) a bladder.


Description and specifications:


The phantom background mass is 16 cm wide and 11 cm high.


Inside is a simulated bladder of known volume (+/- 1 ml). The US. images shows a bladder of 130 ml and 50 ml. Other volumes can be made on request.Attenuation of background material is not specified, but it is about 0,5 dB * cm * MHz in the upper half and is documented. Sound speed of background material is not specified, but it is about 1540 m/sec and is documented.


Outer dimensions: 17 cm Ø * 16 cm high. Weight:~ 1,7 kg.


The surface of the phantom is covered with a protective plate of 0,5 mm PP, which allows transmission of ultrasound.


The phantom can be delivered with a general probe holder for probes with a diameter between 42 mm and 50 mm or a special holder for VitaScan / Scanmaster. Please indicate your choice of holder when you order.




If air bubbles are trapped under the protective PP-plate a gentle pressure on the middle of the plate will make the air slip out of small holes, which are drilled in the periphery of the protective plate.


Rotate the transducer slightly to mount it in the holder. Use the preservative fluid as coupling media.


Be sure that there is at least 2½ - 3 cm fluid to scan through. If possible set the scanner to test-mode or infant-mode.


Scan the phantom from the top surface through the fluid and the protective PP-plate.


Don't remove the protective plate.


Caution: Don´t press the transducer into the phantom.


The phantom is made of fragile jelly and should be handled with care.


Please notice that the lid may not be 100 % tight. Drain fluid off before transportation, but never let it stay dry more than a few days.




Once every Month inspect the phantom.

The surface must always be covered with 1/2 - 1 cm preservative fluid.  Fluid that disappears by desiccation should be replaced by distilled water.

Once every 3 month replace the preservative fluid.


The phantom will not stand frost. Safe storage temperature: 0 - 45 degrees Celsius.



Prescription for preservative fluid:

   906 ml Distilled Water

   94 ml Glycerol (85 %) or 65 g PEG MW400

   5 g  Acnibio OCS

   1 g Citric ascid